"Michelle is an engaging and dynamic leader who is passionate about how her work can transform companies. She thrives by applying her emotional intelligence to seemingly ordinary situations. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and able to provide deep insights on how to improve both individuals and entire teams at the same time." Kalen Lagerquist - Director of Operations Mayfield Robotics

“A true professional in her field. Michelle has been an incredible resource to our Worldwide Training Department and the impact we have on Leadership Development of Mid-Managers around the world. While meeting our current needs, Michelle has helped us to get creative and elevate our thinking to better impact performance levels of our future leaders.” Bob Boneau - Worldwide Training Department Leader - McDonald's

“Michelle is an expert in her field. She is able to connect the needs of the client with new and innovative approaches to developing leaders – taking leadership development to a whole new level.” Becky Rentzel - Sr. Operations Manager & SW Regional Training Leader -McDonald's

"Michelle understands the complexities of using assessments in solving organizational pain points. Customers love her quick mind and ability to cut straight to the point. She is extremely conscientious in doing things right and has a clear sense of her values. I enjoy working with smart people and Michelle is beyond smart!" Becky Sandifer, Ph.D. - Executive Coach at Boeing

"Michelle is passionate about her work. She combines a superior level of care for her employees and customers with her goal of meeting the needs of those around her to create a trusted and inspiring work environment. Her professionalism and knowledge of psychological instruments and their use is nothing short of impressive but her ability to explain it to the untrained person to make it interesting, understandable and useful is what truly sets her apart from the rest." Angela Bruentrup - IT Manager 3M


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